A pollinator oasis, in the middle of the suburbs.

When we think of the suburbs, what comes to mind? The suburban aesthetic? A weed free perfectly manicured lawn, a foundation planting of ornamental shrubs, annual and perennial flowers, maybe a specimen tree? Constant irrigation and maintenance, the weekly drone of leaf blowers and equipment, the use of fertilizers and insecticides to keep everything pristine?


Ha! Not here!

This is an Audubon certified garden for wildlife.

Suburban Garden by J. Mitchell Gardens and Stone
Suburban Garden by J. Mitchell Gardens and Stone

Our customer wanted to break away from the traditional.No pesticides, herbicides, fungicide, or any other,"cide" was to be used in the making of this garden.

We laid tarps across the lawn to kill the grass. We rototilled topsoil and organic matter into the compacted clay soil that originally existed there. A dry stone wall was built out of stone from the property, as well as salvaged stone from previous jobs, (I did purchase a couple of pallets to augment what was already there). The wooden gate was made of recycled pallets.

The plants here are primarily native to the area, save for some survivors from the previous landscape. Everything about this garden is designed for wildlife, from insects to birds, and all species in between.

Although different from what most are used to, this garden provides four seasons of interest, as well as food and shelter to the many creatures that call it home. And, it's also an Audubon Certified Garden For Wildlife. Our customer couldn't be happier!

Suburban Garden by J. Mitchell Gardens and Stone

A stone path to the backyard gate.

Suburban Garden by J. Mitchell Gardens and Stone