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Scott & Marisa bought a beautiful house, on a unique property.Their yard has a triangular shape, is shaded, and slopes toward the adjoining street.


They wanted to make the space more user friendly, but at the same time keep it interesting. Scott suggested a serpentine retaining wall on the low side of the yard, which would help level it for an intended garden later.   

  We chose to go with a "random rubble" style to fit the finished, but rustic look they were after. The wall would be dry laid and curving, starting at grade level at the top of the hill, and staying level, as the grade fell away. A decorative (but still structural) arch would be included, as would be a seat wall.


The next addition would be a dry stone fire pit we would build the following year.

 Scott & Marisa's place is an on going project, and a labor of love for them. I'm so happy they made us a part of it!


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