Container gardens can maximize the beauty of a limited space, and  in the case of an indoor planting, provide interest throughout the four seasons.

The Spring Celebration Planting, above, is one of a series of pots and containers on the customers' deck, that adds color and beauty to their backyard patio. 


Wooden planters, and their floral arrangements are quite versatile. Notice how bright the colors stand out in the sun. They become a focal point for the homeowners and their guests.


This planting contains Blue Lobelia, Red Gomphaena, and Heuchera


Here is the gray "trough" container again.  It can be planted with everything from "Horsetail" to summer tropicals, to an autumn display of pumpkins and gords. Containers don't need to be static, they can change with the seasons!

A spring bulb celebration planting


An early spring planting perennial Blue Salvia, Orange Pansies, behind a bed of Daffodils.

An Autumn display for Thanksgiving. Containers are so versatile.

This gray "trough" planter is one of the most versatile containers we use


A spring celebration planting

Another spring bulb celebration planting

Winter container, Birch branches with White Pine