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Solving an erosion issue

A median strip is the often neglected strip of green (soil, weeds, crabgrass) that separates the sidewalk from the curb.

In certain cases, for instance, a steep hill during a rain event, fast moving water passes over the curb, eroding the soil, creating a ditch, and making plant growth difficult. By  excavating down to subsoil, then building up with stone, we create an attractive walkable surface that slows the flow of water as it passes over it allowing some of  that water to percolate into the ground helping to recharge our ground water.


The drop off from the sidewalk to the soil median was a foot in places. A steep slope, dense shade, and erosion that left only compacted subsoil precluded growing any grass or ground cover. 

We removed the broken curbing, reshaped the ends to fit their neighbor,then dry fit them back in place. We dug out the loose soil, stepped and compacted the foundations, put down a layer of stone dust, then dry laid large "rip rap" stones with their length going down into the foundations.


Smaller stones (also laid length in) help to anchor the larger ones. Hammers and a plate compactor got it tight and flat. 

We now have a safe walkable not to mention pretty surface that is both erosion and snowplow resistant.

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